Scott Daniel Norris


  • Seasonal Firefighter
  • Prescott Fire Department – Granite Mountain Interagency Hotshots
  • Arizona
  • Age: 28
  • Year of Death: 2013

Scott Daniel Norris was born October 12, 1984, to Jim and Karen Norris of Prescott, Arizona. Scott was an intelligent, stable, responsible young man who valued his family and friends, loved adventure and traveling, and enjoyed making others laugh.

Scott grew up in Prescott, and along with his sister, Joanna, learned to appreciate the outdoors as soon as he could walk. He attended local schools, played basketball, and did some wrestling at Bradshaw Mountain High School, where he graduated in 2003. Scott attended Yavapai College while working for a local irrigation business; along with general education classes, he acquired his firefighter certification.

When Scott was twenty years old, he and his lifelong friend, Sean, bought a home. As parents, we appreciated the fact that Scott was good with money, a saver. He was a reader and a thinker who analyzed political and social issues and enjoyed discussion and debate. More importantly, Scott had a solid knowledge of the Bible and was a Christian believer.

Scott made several backpacking excursions into various parts of the Grand Canyon. In 2010, he was trip leader for a 230-mile, 20-day private raft trip down the Colorado River, which included his parents and close friends. He took an extended trip to Nicaragua, Honduras, and Costa Rica one summer with his friend, Ian, and also traveled to Thailand and Cambodia. During his time off, Scott made it a priority to spend time with family, friends, and his girlfriend, Heather, and her dogs. He loved exploring and camping in the beautiful canyons and creeks in northern Arizona. He was also an excellent snowboarder, and regularly enjoyed winter trips to Colorado. He was passionate about weather, and along with his Dad, often chased thunderstorms and snowstorms. Scott had a creative side as well and was an exceptional writer; while traveling, he sent detailed, descriptive emails and occasionally penned a poem.

In 2009, Scott was hired by the Payson Hotshots, with whom he worked four seasons; he learned discipline and leadership, gained wisdom, and forged many fine friendships. Fellow hotshots felt lucky to work side by side with Scott and were grateful for the countless times he made them laugh. Payson hotshot Evan Whetten said, “Scott was one of the toughest, most unbreakable guys, with the biggest and the sweetest heart of anyone I’d ever known. A true original, Scott was never afraid to be himself and did not follow trends. He was his own man. He would do absolutely anything for a friend.”

Scott was hired in March, 2013 to be a wildland firefighter for the Granite Mountain Hotshots. Scott, along with eighteen other brave young men, lost his life on Yarnell Hill on June 30, 2013.