Many of the crews we support are volunteer-based, or are on a very limited budget that does not allow for providing gear to individual crew-members.


Make a Difference

Wildland crews like Billy’s are given basic essentials like chainsaws, uniforms, gear packs, and fire-fighting tools. After that, each firefighter is responsible for purchasing their own boots, GPS, and hydration systems. Other volunteer rescue crews are on a tight budget and must typically outfit all their own personal equipment. Crews such as these rely on community support and fundraisers to make ends meet. This is where we look to make a difference from the WHWMF.

With your help, you can make either a monetary donation or purchase a specific equipment item for a crew in need. Our goal is to prevent the next great tragedy like the one we faced, by helping to properly equip fire-rescue departments with the gear they need to successfully perform their duties.

Show Your Generosity In Other Ways

Donors have contributed by donating money to help purchase equipment for firefighters.



Boots are an essential piece of the Wildland Firefighters uniform that must be purchased at the firefighter’s expense. They must stand up to the punishment of pounding through miles of backcountry terrain, and are an essential piece of life-protecting equipment when exposed to direct flames.

All donations will go towards Boots for Firefighters.


Industrial Chainsaw


For a Wildland fire crew, a chainsaw is an essential tool of the trade. It can sometimes mean the difference between life and death when facing a fire’s burn-over. While crews have issued chainsaws at their disposal, many don’t survive the entire season. The Granite Mountain crew carried a chainsaw nicknamed “Frankenstein” because it had been pieced together with old parts several times over. In many instances, the chainsaw is the most important piece of equipment for the crew.

All donations will go towards chainsaws for Firefighters.


Support an Athlete

At the William Howard Warneke Memorial Foundation, we like to support athletes who enter contests for good causes. Below are a few athletes who support the William Howard Warneke Memorial Foundation. By supporting them, you help us all.


On June 29th 2014 Fred, David raced in IRONMAN Coeur d’Alene in honor of the Granite Mountain Hotshots and raised over $2000.00 for the WHWMF.

Billy’s Mom Kathie ran the Marine Corps 10K in October 2014 in honor of the 19 hotshots. She has participated in over 20 races so far to honor the 19 heroes and has big goals for the future!

Three members of the Granite Mountain Hotshots were prior Marines, in October of 2014 Fred, David, and Megan ran the Marine Corps Marathon in their honor.