Billy left behind an urgent call to action to equip wildland firefighters with the safety gear and equipment they need to prevent future tragedies.
 That was the impetus for the foundation that carries his brother’s name, Fred Warneke says. “We’re committed to doing things the way Billy would have done them. He was very self­driven, steadfast and strong,” Fred says.
 Billy also modeled selfless dedication to his community and it’s going to take a similar amount of sacrifice from the public if the situation is going to improve for wildland firefighters.
“Ultimately, I would say that’s his legacy,” Fred says.

The WHWMF is committed to giving aid whenever and wherever possible in order to avoid preventable tragedies.

It is our hope that any aid we can offer will make a difference to a fire-rescue squad who puts lives on the line on a daily basis for the good of the community they serve.